Idiom Comprehensive Dictionary - Universal Edition (supports multi-function search)

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Idiom Comprehensive Dictionary - Universal Edition (supports multi-function search)Idiom Comprehensive Dictionary - Universal Edition (supports multi-function search)Idiom Comprehensive Dictionary - Universal Edition (supports multi-function search)

The Idiom Comprehensive Dictionary is a reference utility for viewing comprehensive information on idiom entries on the Android platform. It contains more than 34,000 idiom entries.

The original multi-function search method supports: blur, first word matching, custom position, pinyin code and special glyph search.

Supports a large number of idiom classifications:

Search by initials;

Search by context, such as describing precious idioms, describing idioms of grievances, about Chinese idioms in Chinese New Year;

Overlapping idioms: AABB (born in the world, dynasty), ABAC (painting and painting, freedom), AABC (infinitely, thriving), etc.;

Special grammar: such as joint, subject-predicate, and verb-object;

categorized by character;

classified by name;

categorized by climate;

Classified by Zodiac;

Classified by animal, plant, landscape, season, mood, time, etc.

Support idiom content to edit notes by yourself, upgrade version will not be cleared User changed data.

Support for the Favorites feature.

In the interpretation of idiom content, more than 10 detailed idiom related information can be queried.

It also includes guessing idioms, idiom typo game education, and easy to learn idioms.

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