Blade & Soul: Revolution

By Netmarble

Blade & Soul: RevolutionBlade & Soul: RevolutionBlade & Soul: RevolutionBlade & Soul: RevolutionBlade & Soul: Revolution

■ ▶ 'Story' is like watching a movie

The original world's sensibility and revenge Exciting story

High-quality cinematic video that immerses you

Vengeance for your enemy and her begins.

■ ▶ 'Light' to run on the sky, land, and water and across fields

Light to enjoy the fields of MMORPG


Beautiful scenery in light air with a full 3D backview

Experience free light in a vast open field.

■ ▶ Various air defense linkages, fighting game-level 'moving action'

Given a powerful attack with party-specific weapons and brilliant linkers

party members Acceptable Pass

Movement action that allows you to move while using a martial arts

Enjoy the fun of an unsightly battle.

■ ▶ 'Open Field Forces' that all users can participate in.

Moorim vs. Horn Celestial bridge. Strategic battle between the two forces

Realize the great war in open field in real time

Participate in an endless huge war of forces.

■ ▶ Another Society, a True MMORPG 'Community'

The Story of Making Together in Cooperation, Conflict, and Competition

A growing community in the villages and a growing community in the world.

Join us in the community that awaits me.

The latest news about Blade Soul Revolution.

◈ Official site shortcut:

◈ Download the official community app 'WORLD':

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[Access Guide]

▶ Optional Access Rights


-For 'voice chat between users', etc. Used.

※ You can use the service even if you do not agree to the access right.


-It is used for 'Contact Us'.

※ You can use the service even if you do not agree to the access rights.

============================ =================

[Product Information and Terms of Use]

※ A separate fee will be charged for the purchase of paid items. .

※ You can play smoothly on tablet devices.

-Supplier: Representative Executive Officer Young-Sik Kwon

-Terms and conditions: In-game According to the notice

(If the period of use is not indicated, the period until the end of the service is regarded as the period of use)

-Payments and methods: Separately announced payment for each product And payment methods

(For foreign currency payments, due to exchange rates and fees, the actual charges may be different)

-Product Payment Method: In-Game Purchase ID Instant Payment)

-Minimum specification: CPU quad-core 2.45GHz, RAM 2GB

-Privacy policy: .asp? locale = en

-Service Operation Policy:

-Confirm/Contact Provider Information To:

---------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------

Dedicated Customer Center: 1670 – 1182 (9 am-6pm weekdays available)

Address: 20th floor of Jival Biz Plaza, Digitalro 300, Guro-gu, Seoul

Business Number: 105-87-64746

Telecommunications Business No.: Formulation2014-Seoul Guro-1028


Developer Contact:

Developer Contact: 02-1588-3995

300 Digital Valley, Guro-gu, Seoul Biz Plaza 20th Floor

Business Number: 105-87-64746

Telecommunications Business Number: Formulation2014-Seoul Guro-1028

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