Bible Prophecy And Truth free book

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Bible Prophecy And Truth free bookBible Prophecy And Truth free bookBible Prophecy And Truth free bookBible Prophecy And Truth free bookBible Prophecy And Truth free book

Free book on Biblical prophecy, Biblical truth, and Creation vs Evolution based on Biblical facts. Search within all 3 books with the search utility. Make notes for yourself on different chapters and interesting finds! World War 3 is looming on the horizon! Is it in Bible prophecy? When is the End of the World? What's going on right now in Biblical prophecy? Did you know, that today's news was written 2500 years ago? It's all in the Bible! This app is dedicated to the study of Biblical Truth, Biblical Prophecy, and exposing the lies of the devil. Who is Jesus Christ? What is the truth of Gods Word? Can prophecy really be understood?

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