TV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance Information

By Indoor Corgi

TV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance InformationTV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance InformationTV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance InformationTV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance InformationTV Program Batch Search-Talent Appearance Information


If the battery saving function, the background communication restriction function, or the notification restriction function is enabled, the automatic search and notification function of this application will not work. . Please turn off the function or specify that this app is not eligible.

The device itself may have such a function, and may be restricted by the installed application.

[Application Overview]

Have you missed the TV program you wanted to watch? However, it is difficult to grasp all the programs you are interested in from a number of TV programs. Use this app to easily find the program you are interested in. You can keep track of your favorite sports, dramas and performers.

[Once keywords are registered, it is OK]

By registering your favorite keywords such as program title, genre, performers, etc., you can search for matching programs all at once. And display the results. The result displays the title, broadcast date and time, and the channel in an easy-to-understand manner. You can also watch simple program contents. Once you have registered a keyword, you can immediately see the list of programs you are interested in.

[Next day program notification function]

Notifies you that there is a program that matches the keyword the next day. Prevent missing programs of interest.

[Calendar registration and other application linkage functions]

You can register the start date and time of TV programs in the calendar application and share it with other applications.

[Color coding function]

You can display each keyword with a favorite color. Coloring particularly important and related keywords will make the results even easier to see.

[Area can be selected]

You can search by channel corresponding to each prefecture from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

[You can select the reception environment]

You can search from terrestrial, BS, and CS SKY PerfecTV according to your reception environment.

[Exclusion Filter Function]

You can exclude programs that you are not interested in or channels that cannot be viewed from the search results. If there are a lot of keywords, it will be easy to hit unrelated programs.


This app uses TV program guide information on the Internet, but it does not necessarily contain all the performers and detailed information. Not necessarily. In addition, there is a possibility that information cannot be obtained temporarily due to a problem on the server side.


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