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[Introduction to the game]

Whether it is the warmth of the alliance when the lord calls for the siege, the player’s mutual PK Or the group team YY to play the training experience, "Paradise M" will bring you back to many classic memories.

In addition to the optimization of visual effects, "Paradise M" has added a revolutionary exclusive mobile game interface, allowing players to easily manipulate the characters and freely launch new ones in the world of "Paradise M". The adventure of generations.

Aden Warriors, let us once again bear the bloody covenant and challenge the strongest legend in "Paradise M"!!

[Game Features]

※ Continued classic blood movement ※

"Paradise M" original flavor continues the classic blood movement,

You will be able to take risks in the familiar Aden continent anytime, anywhere,

Aden Warriors, the unforgettable memories of the glory of the year, "Paradise M" will continue your adventure.

※ Mobile version reinterprets your paradise memory ※

▶ Operational interface revolutionary optimization◀

Easy, easy, free operation mode,

The inter-generation mobile game operation mode, but does not reduce the fun of the year.

▶ Four classic occupations: Royal, Cavalier, Fairy, Master ◀

Royal: Establish a blood alliance and occupy the leaders of the major castles.

Knight: A combat leader with the highest physical and attack power.

Fairy: An ancient race with a long-range advantage and a magical blessing.

Mage: Overwhelming magic to sweep the enemy's great magician.

▶ Classic hunting grounds, quality optimization experience upgrade ◀

More refined pictures, more monsters,

Let you re-experience the strange rock, Yi Classic hunting grounds such as Baby Kingdom and Dragon Valley.

▶ Exclusive new system for mobile games Beyond your game expectations ◀

Special PVP system: mocking each other, finding revenge and ranking the strong.

Transformation/Collection System: Gives the character a new level of extra power.

AI automatic attack system: easy to use, easy to practice.

World Leadership Level: The strong challenge of winning a fantasy prop, the teamwork is the key to success.

Trial copy: The fastest way to get a lot of experience.

[Follow us]

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[Warm reminder]

※ "Paradise M" according to the Republic of China game software The hierarchical management method is classified as: Auxiliary level 15.

※ This game contains a light bloody fight screen.

※ This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.

※ Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging.

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